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Doggy Dual Lead

Doggy Dual Lead

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If you're a dog owner with two furry friends, you know the pain of constantly untangling yourself and your pups during walks. But now, with our innovative product, walking your two dogs has never been easier!

Our Doggy Dual Lead eliminates the frustration of tangled leads, making it convenient and stress-free to walk your dogs. With just one lead, you can walk both your dogs efficiently, without having to juggle multiple leads.

Using the Doggy Dual Lead is simple and easy - just clip it onto your current lead, and you're ready to go! Our product is made of high-quality materials, with strong and long-lasting thread that's also washable, ensuring a durable and reliable product.

Say goodbye to tangled leads and hello to stress-free walks with our Doggy Dual Lead. And with a color close to sky blue, you'll love how stylish and eye-catching it is while keeping your pups safe and under control. Order now and make walking your two dogs a breeze!

*Please Note: The blue seen in the image is a darker shade of the actual product being sold. A colour close to sky blue is being sold.

Product Dimensions:

1.5 x 81 cm

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