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Doggy Finger Toothbrush

Doggy Finger Toothbrush

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As a dog owner, you know the importance of keeping your furry friend's teeth clean and healthy. That's why we've designed the Doggy Finger Toothbrush - the perfect tool to ensure your dog's oral hygiene is pristine.

Our toothbrush has been designed with your dog's health in mind, making it easy to use and effective at cleaning your dog's teeth. Simply wash the toothbrush with water, insert your finger, apply dog toothpaste, and clean your dog's teeth from every angle with the 360-degree design.

Made with soft and non-toxic silicone material, our toothbrush ensures that your dog's gums won't be harmed while their teeth are being cleaned. The bristles are gentle yet effective, reducing plaque and tartar buildup and guarding against oral diseases.

Not only does our toothbrush provide multiple health benefits for your dog, but it also instantly refreshes your dog's breath - a win-win for both you and your furry friend.

Product Dimensions:

2.1 x 5 cm

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